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Robin Gibbs Establishes Gibbs & Bruns LLP
Robin Gibbs Establishes Gibbs & Bruns LLP

Founding Partner Robin Gibbs established Gibbs & Bruns LLP (originally known as Gibbs & Ratliff) limiting the firm's practice to all forms of high-stakes commercial litigation.

$8 Million Jury Verdict for Plaintiff

Gibbs & Bruns won an $8 million lender liability verdict against Allied Bank of Texas for client Basil Narun.

$60 Million Jury Verdict for Plaintiff

We were counsel for Plaintiff in claiming that Defendant breached a joint venture agreement to develop cogeneration projects.  We secured a $60 million jury verdict for Plaintiff.  The case settled favorably on appeal.

Successful Defense of $47 Million Claim, Zero Damages

We represented Defendants in a lender liability case involving claims of $10 million in actual damages and $34 million in punitive damages.  We secured a verdict for Defendants on all liability issues with zero damages.  The matter was affirmed on appeal.

$4.1 Million Judgment for Plaintiff

Robin Gibbs was co-lead counsel along with former partner Paul Dobrowski representing Plaintiff distributor.  Robin and Paul obtained a $4.1 million judgment, following a five week jury trial, against Defendant manufacturer for breach of joint venture agreement.

$84 Million Verdict Win

We were counsel for nine mutual funds managed by Merrill Lynch Asset Management; Franklin Advisers, Inc.; and other mutual fund Plaintiffs in a suit alleging violations of federal and state securities laws arising out of the issuance and sale of $73 million in mortgage revenue bonds used to develop six private…
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Trial Court Entered a Take-Nothing Judgment

The firm was lead counsel for the Defendant in royalty suit alleging underpayment of royalties, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and negligent misrepresentation.  Pre-trial damages claims exceeded $400 million; demand at trial exceeded $61 million.  The jury found that Plaintiffs were barred from pursuing their claims and that Plaintiffs’ damages…
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$11.5 Million Verdict Win

We were counsel for Defendant/Counterclaimant The M.W. Kellogg Company in a suit in which Kellogg was sued for $260 million in actual damages plus $400 million in exemplary damages for alleged defective plant and furnace designs.  Kellogg counterclaimed for misappropriation of Kellogg’s trade secrets.  A no-fraud and zero damages verdict resulted for Plaintiff Quantum.  In contrast,…
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$309 Million Verdict Win

We were counsel for Plaintiff in claims that Defendant breached its joint venture and contractual arrangements to develop air cargo facilities at the Newark and JFK airports. We secured a $309 million verdict for Plaintiff. Judgment was entered and the verdict was affirmed in all respects by an intermediate court of…
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Defense Win, Affirmed by U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals

We represented Azurix Corporation, an affiliate of Enron Corporation, in a series of class-action securities fraud claims brought by individuals who purchased the company’s stock in an initial public offering.  The claims were dismissed by the trial court for failure to state a claim under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act. …
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$3 Million+ Award for Plaintiff Client

We represented the developer of an apartment complex, Slosburg Company, against an engineering company for failure to monitor construction project.  The case was tried to a jury and our client was awarded in excess of $3 million for damages arising out of soil compaction problems.  The case was affirmed on appeal.

$13 Million Award For Plaintiff Client

We were lead counsel in this bench trial which was handled on behalf of the developer and builder of apartment buildings.  We obtained a $13 million award in this wrongful foreclosure matter. 

$1.7 Billion Mid-Trial Net Settlement Package

HOUSTON, June 23, 2009 – Gibbs & Bruns LLP of Houston announced today that it achieved a record $1.7 billion settlement package for its client, Huntsman Corporation, in the widely followed trial of Huntsman’s claims against Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank.  Under the terms of the settlement, Credit Suisse and…
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$23.4 Million Judgment Win

Following a complex three-month jury trial against the Port of Houston Authority—and a resulting jury verdict for client Zachry Construction Corporation—the trial court entered final judgment on April 28, 2010 awarding Plaintiff Zachry $23.4 million in damages.  This breach of contract lawsuit arose from the Port’s last-minute rejection of a contractually…
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$196 Million Verdict Win

The Honorable R.K. Sandill entered a $196 million judgment for Gibbs & Bruns client D. Bobbitt Noel, Jr. against Dallas billionaire Trevor Rees-Jones and Devon Energy Production Co., L.P. (DVN) on May 18, 2011.  The damages for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty judgment were based on a verdict reached…
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$4.58 Million Jury Verdict for Plaintiff Client

  Following a complex five-week trial, a Houston jury returned a verdict for client SourceGas Distribution LLC (SourceGas) against Noble Energy, Inc (Noble).  The jury determined that Noble breached its Gas Purchase Agreement (GPA) with SourceGas by selling SourceGas natural gas at above-market prices that SourceGas was not obligated to…
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$7 Billion Allowed Claim: ResCap Bankruptcy Settlement with 17 Institutional Investors

HOUSTON, May 14, 2012 –Today, seventeen institutional investors (RMBS Holders) represented by Gibbs & Bruns LLP and Ropes & Gray LLP announced they had achieved an agreement with Residential Capital LLC and its affiliated debtors (Debtors) to grant an $8.7 billion allowed claim to 392 residential mortgage backed securities trusts…
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$1 Billion Total Recovery in NCFE-Related Litigation

On March 14, 2013, Gibbs & Bruns reached a $400 million settlement with Credit Suisse Securities LLC on behalf of its clients in the National Century Enterprises (NCFE) Securities Litigation.  The settlement came two weeks prior to jury selection in what was expected to be a six-week trial in the…
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$4.5 Billion Settlement with JPMorgan on Behalf of 21 Institutional Investors

HOUSTON, November 15, 2013 – Today, 21 institutional investors represented by Gibbs & Bruns LLP (“Institutional Investors”) announced they have reached an agreement with JPMorgan under which JPMorgan will make a binding offer (“Offer”) to the Trustees of 330 RMBS Trusts issued by JPMorgan, Bear Stearns and Chase to settle…
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$1.13 Billion Settlement with Citigroup on Behalf of 18 Institutional Investors

HOUSTON, April 7, 2014 – Today, 18 institutional investors represented by Gibbs & Bruns LLP (“Institutional Investors”) announced they have reached an agreement with Citigroup (“Citi”) under which Citi will make a binding offer (“Offer”) to the Trustees of 68 RMBS Trusts issued by Citi to settle mortgage repurchase claims. …
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Major Defense Win in Multi-Billion Dollar Environmental Trial

We represented Waste Management, Inc. and Waste Management of Texas, Inc. in a case brought by Harris County, Texas alleging over 40 years of discharges into the San Jacinto River from a dump site containing paper mill waste that was abandoned in the late 1960’s.  Citing various sections of the…
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$100 Million Value Arbitration Award

We represented Venoco, Inc., a mid-size oil and gas company based in Colorado, in a contract dispute with Denbury Onshore, LLC, a subsidiary of Denbury Resources, Inc., regarding Venoco’s reversionary interest in a Texas oilfield, wherein the parties disputed the meaning of several terms that affected when “payout” would occur. …
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$8.5 Billion Settlement with Bank of America On Behalf of 22 Institutional Investors

On March 5, 2015, the New York Supreme Court Appellate Division approved in its entirety the $8.5 billion Countrywide RMBS settlement negotiated by Gibbs & Bruns LLP on behalf of its RMBS clients, including PIMCO, Blackrock, MetLife and others.  This is a resounding victory which received worldwide top billing in the financial press with The…
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“Father of the Litigation Boutique in Texas”
“Father of the Litigation Boutique in Texas”

Robin Gibbs named “Father of the Litigation Boutique in Texas” by The Texas Lawbook.

$2.416 Billion Settlement with Lehman On Behalf of 14 Institutional Investors

On March 17, 2017, the firm reached a settlement with the Plan Administrator for Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and the other Debtors in the Lehman bankruptcy proceeding on behalf of 14 institutional investor clients.  The agreement obligates Lehman to make a binding offer to the trustees of 244 RMBS trusts…
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$37.2 Million Recovery

In this case, which was closely watched by the construction industry in Texas and across the country, Gibbs & Bruns recovered more than $37.2 million for its client, Zachry Construction Corporation, after a successful trial and multiple appellate proceedings that established numerous legal principles favorable to Zachry regarding construction law…
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Gibbs & Bruns’ 35th Anniversary
Gibbs & Bruns’ 35th Anniversary

Gibbs & Bruns celebrates 35 years of service to its highly-sophisticated and diverse client base.

Forbes Names Gibbs & Bruns To America’s Top Corporate Law Firms

Forbes' “America’s Top Corporate Law Firms 2019” features Gibbs & Bruns LLP among a shortlist of just 243 U.S. firms.  Gibbs & Bruns received the most recommendations for “Litigation & Dispute Resolution” law based on an independent survey of nearly 100,000 lawyers conducted by Forbes and Statista. 

Gibbs & Bruns Scores Take-Nothing Judgement in $56M Dispute

We represented Natural Resource Partners (“NRP”) in a case brought by Anadarko.  Anadarko alleged that an anti-flip provision in an asset purchase agreement was triggered by an internal tax restructuring, and that NRP owed a buyout fee ranging between $56 million and $78 million as a result.  NRP purchased Anadarko’s…
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Take Nothing Judgment for Private Client in $40 Million Trade Secrets Dispute

We secured a total defense verdict following a three-week jury trial in a multi-million dollar trade secrets case.  The firm represented Richard Murphy, a subsea tree engineer, in a misappropriation of trade secrets case brought by FMC Technologies, Inc., his former employer, against Mr. Murphy and Mr. Murphy’s current employer,…
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$12.4 Million Judgment for Private Client in Dispute with EnVen Energy Corp.

On September 13, 2021, the 151st District Court issued a final judgment in favor of Gibbs & Bruns client David M. Dunwoody, Jr. against EnVen Energy Corporation following a three-week trial and jury verdict rendered on July 12, 2021.   Mr. Dunwoody is the former co-founder and President of EnVen Energy Corp. (“EnVen”…
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Robin Gibbs Celebrates 50 Years of Trial Law Practice
Robin Gibbs Celebrates 50 Years of Trial Law Practice

  A recent $12 million+ trial win for client David Dunwoody, Jr. marks the sixth decade that Robin Gibbs, Founding Partner of Gibbs & Bruns LLP, obtained jury verdicts in Houston and beyond. Robin celebrated 50 years of trial law practice on September 20, 2021.

Gibbs & Bruns Celebrates 40 Years
Gibbs & Bruns Celebrates 40 Years

Gibbs & Bruns lawyers are trial lawyers who know courtrooms and courtroom success: We have recovered more than $23 billion in damages for our plaintiff clients in trials and arbitrations. We have defeated claims for hundreds of millions of dollars as defense counsel in trials and arbitrations. Our litigation boutique…
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