Enterprise Products Operating LLC v. Amec Foster Wheeler USA Corp.

Gibbs & Bruns represented Enterprise in a breach of contract and fraudulent inducement lawsuit in Texas state court against Enterprise’s former general contractor, Amec Foster Wheeler USA Corp., and its British parent company, Amec Foster Wheeler plc, concerning a multi-billion dollar petrochemical refinery constructed in Mont Belvieu, Texas from 2013-2017.  The project, which involved a multi-office execution approach, including high-value engineering centers overseas, hundreds of engineers, and thousands of construction personnel, experienced hundreds of millions of dollars in cost increases and exceeded planned completion targets by over a year. Over the course of six years of litigation, Enterprise overcame a special appearance by the British parent company, which was appealed to the United States Supreme Court, multiple summary judgment motions, and four motions to exclude Enterprise’s experts. Following the conclusion of a three-month bench trial that occurred from April through July 2022, the defendants paid Enterprise $115 million to settle the case before the court issued its judgment.

$115 Million Settlement for Enterprise After a 3-Month Bench Trial Against Amec Foster Wheeler USA Corp. and Amec Foster Wheeler plc