Gibbs & Bruns is a litigation boutique noted for its collegial, family-style culture.  The firm offers a challenging, fast-paced environment where all staff members interact extensively with the firm’s lawyers.  All paralegals, secretaries, and other employees are treated as part of the firm’s team and are rewarded when the firm is successful.  Gibbs & Bruns offers competitive salaries and benefits packages.

Tanya Urban, Executive Director/Business Development
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Gibbs & Bruns LLP paralegal professionals work hand-in-hand with the firm’s trial lawyers through all phases of trial preparation and prosecution.  In this fast-paced environment, the firm’s paralegals are required to be technically savvy, energetic, and detail-oriented.  The firm’s paralegals have a high level of contact with all firm lawyers and support staff; opposing counsel; firm clients; court personnel; expert witnesses; and a variety of legal vendors and other professionals.  The firm’s paralegals must possess strong communication and intrapersonal skills; the ability to act with discretion; excellent time management, word processing/typing, proofreading, and strong multitasking skills. The firm’s paralegals are self-starters and capable of working effectively under occasional deadline pressure.

This position requires flexibility with respect to occasional overtime and/or weekend accessibility, as well as occasional travel for mediation, arbitration and/or trial assistance.  All such varies per lawyer workload and trial schedules.

Case Management
Oversee all aspects of file to ensure materials are maintained in central location in organized fashion.

Document Productions
Receive and login all documents collected; coordinate with vendors to process collected documents for review database with focus on budget; coordinate and negotiate with vendors for fair pricing; load all processed documents into review database; export responsive documents to production volumes; login all review and production volumes; maintain database tracking chart.

Privilege Logs
Prepare first draft of privilege logs; assist lawyers with completing same; finalize same for service.

Manage all documents/materials forwarded to experts; login same to assist with exhibit to expert reports of materials reviewed.

Assist with preparation for depositions, including assembly of materials in chronological order for review and/or use as exhibits; index all deposition exhibits; maintain deposition log; coordinate with court reporters to ensure all materials received and in proper format.

Hot Document Chronologies
Assemble and maintain hot document chronologies.

Perform research including: people tracing to locate witnesses; expert witness articles and references; factual background; corporate registered agents; corporate SEC filings.

Trial/Arbitration/Mediation/Hearing Preparation
Prepare trial notebooks (Live Pleadings; Exhibits; Discovery; Depositions and Trial List Notebook); coordinate with vendors for presentation of exhibits and deposition videos at trial; prepare draft trial exhibit list.

Trial/Arbitration/Mediation/Hearing Attendance
Coordinate transfer of materials and supplies to trial and back and forth to office as needed; monitor exhibit activity and update exhibit list; confer with court reporter and opposing paralegal at end of trial to confirm admitted exhibits; coordinate with trial vendor.

Minimum four years of experience as a litigation paralegal. Extremely high proficiency in Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat software required.  Strong proficiency and/or ability to quickly master a wide variety of other communication and document management software solutions preferred: ShareFile FTP; iPro Eclipse SE (Desktop); Relativity; Trial Director; and Dropbox.  Strong organizational and proofreading skills required.  Must possess adaptable and pleasant demeanor and readily adjust to changes in firm procedures and policies.