Inside Gibbs & Bruns’ offices, you cannot help but notice the collegiality that permeates the firm. There is a special relationship amongst the lawyers, the paralegals, and all of the staff. It is an “all-for-one” working environment where collaboration and cooperation are a constant. Ours is a place where we all share risk and reward – and one where there is a keen understanding that when all hands are needed on deck, everyone stands ready to help.

The firm has always been on the cutting edge of the legal profession, setting new standards through its pioneering approach to complex commercial litigation: representing both plaintiffs and defendants; creating innovative fee arrangements for even the largest, most complex disputes; and recruiting the highest quality lawyer talent to enhance the team’s unabashed desire to win cases for clients.

The long-standing Gibbs & Bruns approach is to give clients more than they expect. We foster that attitude and drive in our lawyers and staff with an environment of open thinking and communication that encourages excellence and creativity. Our clients expect excellence from us, and we expect nothing less from each other.