Antitrust Litigation

Gibbs & Bruns lawyers have a long tenure of handling complex antitrust matters for a variety of clients. These cases have involved allegations of predatory pricing, price fixing, bid rigging, bundling, and other such matters.

Appellate Litigation

We prosecute and defend appeals in a variety of jurisdictions and at all levels of the appellate process. The firm’s appellate work arises from litigation handled by firm lawyers as well as from cases tried by other lawyers.

Bankruptcy Litigation

Bankruptcy litigation requires a combination of solid litigation expertise as well as skillful negotiation tactics. Our lawyers bring both talents to the table.

Commercial Litigation

When the stakes are high, our trial lawyers are unmatched in case preparation and prosecution. We focus exclusively on business and commercial Litigation working in lean teams. Our results are high-value and precedent-setting.

Construction Litigation

Our extensive litigation and arbitration experience with construction- and engineering-related disputes includes matters involving nuclear power plants, gas plants, refineries, petrochemical plants, marina and wharf facilities, and commercial real estate.

Contract Disputes

Contract disputes are a cornerstone of our practice at Gibbs & Bruns. Given the firm’s exclusive focus on commercial Litigation, our lawyers are incredibly seasoned in litigating and resolving significant contract disputes in a variety of contexts.

Director & Officer Liability

As demonstrated by our lengthy and successful representation of the former outside directors of Enron, in over 100 cases and investigations following Enron’s collapse, Gibbs & Bruns’s lawyers have a well-established reputation in the area of director and officer (D&O) liability.

Domestic & International Arbitration

Flexibility, neutrality, and confidentiality are a few reasons arbitration continues to be a frequently used method of dispute resolution.  We have extensive experience in arbitrating complex disputes, both domestic and international, for clients from a wide array of various industries.  

Energy Litigation

Established in 1983 in Houston, the "energy capital of the world," Gibbs & Bruns' trial lawyers have prosecuted bet-the-company and complex cases for every sort of energy client – from the industry giants to small and mid-size companies.

Environmental Litigation

Given the high-profile nature of the cases we handle, our trial lawyers have significant experience with complex environmental matters involving various U.S. government agencies. Our team is adept at navigating the rapidly-changing nuances of environmental law and regulations.

Institutional Investor Litigation

Gibbs & Bruns is nationally recognized for its success in prosecuting securities claims for institutional investors.  Our cases run the gamut of the capital markets.

Intellectual Property

Employing a potent combination of high-stakes trial skills and technical expertise, Our lawyers have prosecuted and defended numerous trade secret, patent, and other intellectual property cases. 

Plaintiffs’ Contingency Litigation

Plaintiffs’ contingency cases have always made up a significant portion of Gibbs & Bruns' caseload. Reciprocity is at the core of all of our client engagements. We collaborate with our clients and employ a variety of creative billing methods to share risk and reward.

Privacy and Data Security

The landscape surrounding data privacy and security matters is a complex interplay of regulation, litigation, and internal and external communications strategies.

Private Client, Trust & Estate Litigation

From complex trust and estate disputes involving breach of fiduciary duty and fraud claims to high-stakes divorce proceedings, our lawyers are adept at handling these highly-sensitive and often-times very high-profile matters with meticulous attention and discretion.

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