Houston (December 16) – Gibbs & Bruns LLP announced today that its clients have issued instructions to BNY Mellon, US Bank, Wells Fargo, Citibank, and HSBC, as Trustees, to open investigations of ineligible mortgages in pools securing over $95 billion of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities (RMBS) issued by various affiliates of JPMorgan.  Collectively, Gibbs & Bruns’ clients hold over 25% of the Voting Rights in 243 Trusts that issued these RMBS.

“Our clients continue to seek a comprehensive solution to the problems of ineligible mortgages in RMBS pools and deficient servicing of those loans.  Today’s action is another step toward achieving that goal,” said Kathy D. Patrick of Gibbs & Bruns LLP, lead counsel for the Holders.

The Holders anticipate that they may provide additional instructions to Trustees, as needed, to further the investigations.  The securities that are the subject of these instruction letters include:





BALTA 2005-4

BSARM 2007-4

JPMAC 2006-WF1

SAMI 2006-AR8

BALTA 2005-7

BSARM 2007-5


SAMI 2007-AR1

BALTA 2006-1

BSMF 2006-AC1

JPMMT 2005-A1

SAMI 2007-AR2

BALTA 2006-5

BSMF 2006-AR1

JPMMT 2005-A2

SAMI 2007-AR3

BALTA 2006-6

BSMF 2006-AR2

JPMMT 2005-A3

SAMI 2007-AR4

BALTA 2006-8

BSMF 2006-AR3

JPMMT 2005-A4

SAMI 2007-AR5

BALTA 2007-1

BSMF 2006-AR5

JPMMT 2005-A5

SAMI 2007-AR6

BALTA 2007-2

BSMF 2006-SL2

JPMMT 2005-A6

SAMI 2007-AR7

BALTA 2007-3

BSMF 2006-SL3

JPMMT 2005-A7

WAMMS 2005-RA1

BSAAT 2007-1

BSMF 2006-SL4

JPMMT 2005-A8

WAMU 2005-AR12

BSABS 2005-3

BSMF 2006-SL6


WAMU 2005-AR15

BSABS 2005-AC1

BSMF 2007-AR1

JPMMT 2005-S2

WAMU 2005-AR17

BSABS 2005-AC2

BSMF 2007-AR3

JPMMT 2005-S3

WAMU 2005-AR19

BSABS 2005-AC5

BSMF 2007-AR4

JPMMT 2006-A1

WAMU 2005-AR5

BSABS 2005-AC7

BSMF 2007-AR5

JPMMT 2006-A2

WAMU 2005-AR7

BSABS 2005-AC8

BSMF 2007-SL2

JPMMT 2006-A3

WAMU 2006-AR10

BSABS 2005-AC9

CFLX 2005-1

JPMMT 2006-A4

WAMU 2006-AR11

BSABS 2005-AQ2

CFLX 2005-2

JPMMT 2006-A5

WAMU 2006-AR13

BSABS 2005-CL1

CFLX 2006-1

JPMMT 2006-A6

WAMU 2006-AR14

BSABS 2005-FR1

CFLX 2006-2

JPMMT 2006-A7

WAMU 2006-AR15

BSABS 2005-HE11

CFLX 2007-1

JPMMT 2006-S1

WAMU 2006-AR17

BSABS 2005-SD1

CFLX 2007-2

JPMMT 2006-S2

WAMU 2006-AR19

BSABS 2005-SD2

CFLX 2007-3

JPMMT 2006-S3

WAMU 2006-AR2

BSABS 2005-SD3

CFLX 2007-M1

JPMMT 2006-S4

WAMU 2006-AR6

BSABS 2005-SD4

CHASE 2005-A1

JPMMT 2007-A1

WAMU 2006-AR7

BSABS 2005-TC2

CHASE 2005-A2

JPMMT 2007-A2

WAMU 2006-AR8

BSABS 2006-1

CHASE 2005-S1

JPMMT 2007-A3

WAMU 2006-AR9

BSABS 2006-2

CHASE 2005-S2

JPMMT 2007-A4

WAMU 2007-HY1

BSABS 2006-AC1

CHASE 2005-S3

JPMMT 2007-A5

WAMU 2007-HY2

BSABS 2006-AC2

CHASE 2006-A1

JPMMT 2007-A6

WAMU 2007-HY3

BSABS 2006-AC3

CHASE 2006-S1

JPMMT 2007-S1

WAMU 2007-HY4

BSABS 2006-AQ1

CHASE 2006-S2

JPMMT 2007-S2

WAMU 2007-HY5

BSABS 2006-HE3

CHASE 2006-S3

JPMMT 2007-S3

WAMU 2007-OA1

BSABS 2006-HE6

CHASE 2006-S4

PRIME 2005-1

WAMU 2007-OA2

BSABS 2006-HE7

CHASE 2007-A1

PRIME 2005-2

WAMU 2007-OA3

BSABS 2006-IM1

CHASE 2007-A2

PRIME 2005-5

WAMU 2007-OA5

BSABS 2006-SD1

CHASE 2007-S1

PRIME 2006-DR1

WAMU 2007-OA6

BSABS 2006-SD2

CHASE 2007-S2

PRIME 2007-1

WMALT 2005-10

BSABS 2006-SD3

CHASE 2007-S3

PRIME 2007-2

WMALT 2005-11

BSABS 2006-SD4

CHASE 2007-S5

PRIME 2007-3

WMALT 2005-7

BSABS 2006-ST1

CHASE 2007-S6

SACO 2005-3

WMALT 2005-8

BSABS 2007-1

EMCM 2006-A

SACO 2005-WM3

WMALT 2005-9

BSABS 2007-AC3

JPALT 2005-A2

SACO 2006-10

WMALT 2005-AR1

BSABS 2007-AC4

JPALT 2005-S1

SACO 2006-6

WMALT 2006-1

BSABS 2007-AC5

JPALT 2006-A1

SACO 2006-7

WMALT 2006-AR1

BSABS 2007-AC6

JPALT 2006-A2

SACO 2006-9

WMALT 2006-AR10

BSABS 2007-AQ2

JPALT 2006-A4

SACO 2007-1

WMALT 2006-AR3

BSABS 2007-FS1

JPALT 2006-A5

SACO 2007-VA1

WMALT 2006-AR5

BSABS 2007-HE4

JPALT 2006-A6

SAMI 2005-AR1

WMALT 2006-AR6

BSABS 2007-HE6

JPALT 2006-A7

SAMI 2005-AR2

WMALT 2006-AR7

BSABS 2007-HE7

JPALT 2006-S1

SAMI 2005-AR3

WMALT 2006-AR8

BSABS 2007-SD1

JPALT 2006-S2

SAMI 2005-AR4

WMALT 2006-AR9

BSABS 2007-SD2

JPALT 2006-S3

SAMI 2005-AR5

WMALT 2007-2

BSARM 2005-1

JPALT 2006-S4

SAMI 2005-AR7

WMALT 2007-3

BSARM 2005-10

JPALT 2007-A1

SAMI 2006-AR1

WMALT 2007-4

BSARM 2005-12

JPALT 2007-A2

SAMI 2006-AR2

WMALT 2007-OA1

BSARM 2005-2

JPALT 2007-S1

SAMI 2006-AR3

WMALT 2007-OA2

BSARM 2005-5

JPMAC 2006-CH1

SAMI 2006-AR4

WMALT 2007-OA3

BSARM 2005-6


SAMI 2006-AR5

WMALT 2007-OA4

BSARM 2005-7

JPMAC 2006-HE2

SAMI 2006-AR6

WMALT 2007-OA5

BSARM 2005-9

JPMAC 2006-NC2

SAMI 2006-AR7




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