HOUSTON, June 1, 2017 – Today, 14 institutional investors represented by Gibbs & Bruns LLP (“Institutional Investors”) announced that the settlement offer obtained by them from the Plan Administrator for Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and the other Debtors in the Lehman Bankruptcy Proceeding (the “Plan Administrator”), under which the Plan Administrator made a binding offer (the “Offer”) to the Trustees for 244 RMBS Trusts issued by Lehman (or into which Lehman contributed mortgages) to settle mortgage repurchase claims in respect of Covered Loans has been accepted by the Trustees for 238 of the 244 RMBS Trusts.   Of the 6 trusts for which the Offer was not accepted, 1 trust (SASCO 2003-38) has terminated, and the remaining 5 trusts (ARC 2004-1, SAIL 2004-4, SASCO 2005-11H, SASCO 2006-RF1, and SASCO 2007-RF1) are trusts for which the Trustees had submitted no claims for breaches of representations and warranties in connection with the Court ordered protocol for resolution of the RMBS repurchase claims.

As a result of the Trustees acceptance of the Offer, the Trustees are now parties to the March 17, 2017 Settlement Agreement.  The Settlement Agreement is available at a website created by the Trustees, which can be found at: http://www.lbhirmbssettlement.com/.  The Trusts for which the Trustees have accepted the Offer are listed on Exhibit “A.”

Robert Madden, counsel for the Institutional Investors, calls this announcement, “an important step in finally resolving the Lehman RMBS claims, and obtaining value for certificateholders in the trusts.”

The Settlement Agreement includes the following key terms:

1.         The allowed amount of the mortgage repurchase claims submitted under the existing loan review protocol in respect of Covered Loans will be determined by the Lehman Bankruptcy Court in an estimation proceeding to commence in October 2017;

2.         In the estimation proceeding, the Plan Administrator and the Trustees each will have the opportunity to present evidence to support their views as to the allowable value of the Covered Loan Claims submitted by the Trustees under the protocol that had been established by the Bankruptcy Court;

3.         Regardless of whether the Plan Administrator presents evidence supporting a lower allowed claim, the Plan Administrator has agreed to request that the Trusts’ claims on account of Covered Loans be allowed in the amount of $2.416 billion (the Institutional Investors previously negotiated a proposed settlement at that level and agree that a settlement at that level is fair and reasonable) and that if the Bankruptcy Court determines the claims in a range of $2.00 billion to $2.416 billion, to nevertheless allow the claim in the amount of $2.416 billion;

4.         In exchange for the Plan Administrator’s agreement to request a $2.416 billion claim in respect of Covered Loan Claims, rather than a lower claim, the Trustees will waive their right to appeal a Bankruptcy Court decision so long as the Bankruptcy Court determines the claim in an amount greater than $2.0 billion;

5.         The Plan Administrator has agreed to waive its right to appeal the Bankruptcy Court’s determination; and

6.         A release of all repurchase claims that have been or could have been asserted by the Trusts in respect of Covered Loans.

The Institutional Investors who are parties to the agreement are:

·         AEGON USA Investment Management, LLC
·         BlackRock Financial Management Inc.
·         Cascade Investment, L.L.C.
·         Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta
·         Goldman Sachs Asset Management, L.P.
·         Invesco Advisers, Inc.
·         Kore Advisors, L.P.
·         Metropolitan Life Insurance Company
·         Pacific Investment Management Company LLC
·         Sealink Designated Activity Company, through its investment manager Neuberger Berman Europe Limited
·         The TCW Group, Inc.
·         Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
·         Voya Investment Management LLC
·         Western Asset Management Company 


Q:        Who are the parties to the settlement agreement?

A:        The parties to the Settlement Agreement are the Plan Administrator,  the RMBS Trustees for the RMBS Trusts listed on Exhibit “A” (U.S. Bank National Association, Law Debenture Trust Company of New York, Wilmington Trust Company, Wilmington Trust National Association, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, in each case acting in their representative capacities as trustees, co-trustees, separate trustees and or successor trustees of the applicable Trusts), and the Institutional Investors.


Q:        What Trusts are involved in the settlement?

A:        The Settlement Agreement has been accepted and entered into by the Trustees for the 238 Trusts listed on Exhibit “A.”


Q:        What was the role of the 14 Institutional Investors?

A:        The Institutional Investors, through their Steering Committee and their counsel, led the settlement negotiations.  The Institutional Investors did not negotiate on behalf of the Trustees.  The Institutional Investors requested that the Trustees enter into the settlement and will appear in court to support the settlement and the judicial findings called for by the proposed settlement.  The Trustees exercised their independent judgment and discretion in deciding to enter into the Settlement Agreement on behalf of the Trusts.


Q:        Will the Institutional Investors benefit differently than other investors under the settlement?

A:        No, they will not.  Upon the completion of the estimation proceeding called for by the Settlement Agreement, the allowed claim will be allocated by the Trustees’ expert among the RMBS Trusts based on a detailed allocation schedule prepared by an expert retained by the Trustees, based upon the Trustees’ loan file review and claim submission in the Lehman bankruptcy Proceeding.  The allocation schedule is attached to the proposed settlement agreement as Exhibit H.  The proposed settlement agreement is available at a website created by the Trustees, which can be found at: http://www.lbhirmbssettlement.com/.  Each RMBS Trust’s allocable share of the settlement payment will flow down its payment waterfall in accordance with the governing documents for that Trust.  The Institutional Investors will participate in the settlement, like every other investor, based on the terms of the payment waterfall.


Q:        Are individual investors’ securities claims affected by the settlement?

A:        No, they are not.  The settlement pertains only to the Trusts’ repurchase claims.  The Settlement Agreement states specifically that:  “The releases and waivers in Article III do not include any direct individual claims for securities fraud or other alleged disclosure violations (“Disclosure Claims”) that an Investor may seek to assert based upon such Investor’s purchase or sale of Securities.”  The Plan Administrator has reserved the right to assert that any payment made or benefit conferred under the settlement constitutes an offset or credit against or a reduction in the gross amount of an Investor’s Disclosure Claim damages.  Note, also, however, the settlement agreement expressly provides that nothing in the agreement is intended to or shall be read to alter, modify, or amend any order of the Court, any provision in Lehman’s Plan, or provision of law concerning the assertion or timeliness of any Disclosure Claims or any other claims.


Q:        When and how will the settlement payment be distributed?

A:        Once the allowable amount of the claim is determined by the Bankruptcy Court and all required court approvals have become final, payments on account of the allowed claim will be made under Lehman’s Bankruptcy Court approved bankruptcy plan.  Distributions on account of the allowed claim will be made to the applicable Trustees, and then allocated to the Trusts pursuant to an allocation schedule attached to the proposed settlement agreement as Exhibit H.  The proposed settlement agreement is available at a website created by the Trustees, which can be found at: http://www.lbhirmbssettlement.com/.  The timing of payment is not certain, as it depends upon a number of factors including:  a) whether the judicial findings required by the Settlement Agreement are granted, b) when the estimation proceeding to set the amount of the allowed claim is concluded, c) whether the amount estimated and allowed is subject to appeal, and d) certain required REMIC determinations.


 Q:        How will the settlement payment be allocated among the Trusts?

A:        The settlement agreement specifies that the total allowed claim awarded to each Trust will be allocated pursuant to the Trust-by-Trust percentages set out in the schedule attached to the proposed settlement agreement as Exhibit H.  The proposed settlement agreement is available at a website created by the Trustees, which can be found at: http://www.lbhirmbssettlement.com/.  The allocation schedule was prepared by an expert retained by the Trustees, based upon the Trustees’ loan file review and claim submission in the Lehman bankruptcy Proceeding.


Q:        How can interested investors learn more about the settlement?

A:        All investors have received or will receive a notice from the relevant Trustee(s) concerning the settlement terms.  Information is also available on a settlement-related website that has been created by the Trustees located at: http://www.lbhirmbssettlement.com/.



ARC 2002-BC10

SARM 2006-1

ARC 2002-BC8

SARM 2006-10

ARC 2002-BC9

SARM 2006-11


SARM 2006-12

BNC 2006-1

SARM 2006-2

BNC 2006-2

SARM 2006-3

BNC 2007-1

SARM 2006-4

BNC 2007-2

SARM 2006-5

BNC 2007-3

SARM 2006-6

BNC 2007-4

SARM 2006-7

LABS 2004-1

SARM 2006-8

LABS 2007-1

SARM 2006-9

LMT 2005-1

SARM 2007-1

LMT 2005-2

SARM 2007-10

LMT 2005-3

SARM 2007-11

LMT 2006-1

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LMT 2006-2

SARM 2007-3

LMT 2006-4

SARM 2007-4

LMT 2006-8

SARM 2007-6

LMT 2006-9

SARM 2007-8

LMT 2007-1

SARM 2008-2

LMT 2007-10

SASCO 2003-12XS

LMT 2007-2

SASCO 2003-15A

LMT 2007-3

SASCO 2003-17A

LMT 2007-4

SASCO 2003-18XS

LMT 2007-5

SASCO 2003-25XS

LMT 2007-6

SASCO 2003-26A

LMT 2007-7

SASCO 2003-28XS

LMT 2007-8

SASCO 2003-29

LMT 2007-9

SASCO 2003-30

LMT 2008-2

SASCO 2003-34A

LMT 2008-6

SASCO 2003-35

LXS 2005-1

SASCO 2003-36XS

LXS 2005-10


LXS 2005-2

SASCO 2003-39EX

LXS 2005-3

SASCO 2003-3XS

LXS 2005-4

SASCO 2003-6A

LXS 2005-6


LXS 2005-8

SASCO 2003-NP1

LXS 2006-1

SASCO 2003-S1

LXS 2006-10N

SASCO 2003-S2

LXS 2006-11

SASCO 2004-10

LXS 2006-12N

SASCO 2004-11XS

LXS 2006-13

SASCO 2004-13

LXS 2006-15

SASCO 2004-15

LXS 2006-17

SASCO 2004-16XS

LXS 2006-19

SASCO 2004-17XS

LXS 2006-20

SASCO 2004-18H

LXS 2006-3

SASCO 2004-19XS

LXS 2006-5

SASCO 2004-20

LXS 2006-7

SASCO 2004-21XS

LXS 2006-8

SASCO 2004-22

LXS 2006-9

SASCO 2004-23XS

LXS 2007-1

SASCO 2004-2AC

LXS 2007-10H

SASCO 2004-4XS

LXS 2007-11

SASCO 2004-6XS

LXS 2007-12N

SASCO 2004-7

LXS 2007-14H

SASCO 2004-9XS

LXS 2007-15N


LXS 2007-16N


LXS 2007-17H


LXS 2007-18N

SASCO 2004-NP1

LXS 2007-20N

SASCO 2004-S2

LXS 2007-3

SASCO 2004-S3

LXS 2007-5H

SASCO 2004-S4

LXS 2007-6

SASCO 2005-1

LXS 2007-7N

SASCO 2005-10

LXS 2007-8H


LXS 2007-9

SASCO 2005-14

RLT 2008-AH1

SASCO 2005-15

SAIL 2003-BC1

SASCO 2005-17

SAIL 2003-BC10

SASCO 2005-2XS

SAIL 2003-BC11

SASCO 2005-3

SAIL 2003-BC12

SASCO 2005-4XS

SAIL 2003-BC13

SASCO 2005-5

SAIL 2003-BC2

SASCO 2005-7XS

SAIL 2003-BC3

SASCO 2005-9XS

SAIL 2003-BC4


SAIL 2003-BC5


SAIL 2003-BC8


SAIL 2003-BC9

SASCO 2005-RF1

SAIL 2004-1

SASCO 2005-RF2

SAIL 2004-10

SASCO 2005-RF4

SAIL 2004-2

SASCO 2005-RF5

SAIL 2004-3

SASCO 2005-RF6


SASCO 2005-RF7

SAIL 2004-5

SASCO 2005-S1

SAIL 2004-6

SASCO 2005-S2

SAIL 2004-8

SASCO 2005-S3

SAIL 2004-9

SASCO 2005-S4

SAIL 2005-1

SASCO 2005-S5

SAIL 2005-10

SASCO 2005-S6

SAIL 2005-11

SASCO 2005-S7

SAIL 2005-2

SASCO 2005-SC1

SAIL 2005-3

SASCO 2006-BC2

SAIL 2005-4

SASCO 2006-BC3

SAIL 2005-5

SASCO 2006-BC4

SAIL 2005-6

SASCO 2006-BC6

SAIL 2005-7


SAIL 2005-8


SAIL 2005-9


SAIL 2005-HE3


SAIL 2006-1


SAIL 2006-2

SASCO 2006-RF2

SAIL 2006-4

SASCO 2006-RF3

SAIL 2006-BNC3

SASCO 2006-RF4

SARM 2004-10

SASCO 2006-S1

SARM 2004-16

SASCO 2006-S2

SARM 2004-18

SASCO 2006-S3

SARM 2004-20

SASCO 2006-S4

SARM 2004-5

SASCO 2006-Z

SARM 2004-9XS

SASCO 2007-BC1

SARM 2005-11

SASCO 2007-BC2

SARM 2005-12

SASCO 2007-BC3

SARM 2005-15

SASCO 2007-BC4

SARM 2005-17


SARM 2005-20


SARM 2005-22


SARM 2005-23


SARM 2005-3XS


SARM 2005-6XS


SARM 2005-8XS

SASCO 2007-TC1



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